Allogastropoda (informal)

Allogastropoda, also known as Lower Heterobranchia, is a group of rather specialized, highly evolved sea slugs and sea snails, (marine gastropod molluscs) within the clade Heterobranchia. Although the great majority of Lower Heterobranchs are indeed marine, a few have succeeded in making the transition to freshwater.

The shell shapes in this group are typically those seen in the Architectonicidae, Pleuroceridae, Rissoellidae and Orbitestellidae families of snails.

In the taxonomy of the Gastropoda by Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005, the Lower Heterobranchia is an Informal Group. Superfamilies within the Lower Heterobranchia include:

  • Unassigned to a superfamily (Orbitestellid-shells)
    • Family Cimidae
    • † Family Dolomitellidae
    • † Family Heterosubulitidae
    • † Family Kuskokwimiidae
    • † Family Misurinellidae
    • Family Orbitestellidae
    • Family Tjaernoeiidae
    • Family Xylodisculidae
  • Superfamily Acteonoidea
  • Superfamily Architectonicoidea
  • Superfamily Glacidorboidea
  • Superfamily Mathildoidea
  • † Superfamily Nerineoidea
  • Superfamily Omalogyroidea
  • Superfamily Pyramidelloidea
  • Superfamily Ringiculoidea
  • Superfamily Rissoelloidea
  • † Superfamily Streptacidoidea
  • Superfamily Valvatoidea

(Taxa that are exclusively fossil are indicated with a dagger †)

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Allogastropoda species cited in the Mediterranean Sea or around the Iberian Peninsula:

Acteon tornatilis @ San Cristobo (Ría de Ferrol) 10.07.2007 by Victoriano Urgorri

Acteon tornatilis

Acteon monterosatoi @ Bahía de Cádiz by Joop Trausel and Frans Slieker (Natural Museum Rotterdam)

Acteon monterosatoi

Acteon incisus @ Yucatan strait, Mexico (Smithsonian) by Brian P Murphy

Acteon incisus

Callostracon amabile @ Bahia de Cádiz, Spain by Joop Trausel and Frans Slieker

Callostracon amabile

Crenilabium exile @ Anzio, Roma, Italy by Joop Trausel and Frans Slieker (Natural Museum Rotterdam)

Crenilabium exile

Hydatina physis by Sonja Ooms

Hydatina physis

Japonacteon pusillus by Andrea Nappo

Japonactaeon pusillus

Liocarenus globulinus

Rapturella globulina

Micromelo undatus @ Gran Canaria by Aketza Herrero

Micromelo undatus