Unassigned Cladobranchia

The Superfamily Unassigned Cladobranchia is a group that contains all those Cladobranchia nudibranch families that molecular phylogeny can not yet clarify the relationship among them, as in families Bornellidae, Embletonidae, Goniaeolididae, Heroidae, Madrellidae, Phylliroidae, Pinufiidae,Pseudovermidae and the genus Trivettea, which are now provisionally classified into this superfamily pending of more solid data.

Phylliroe lichtensteinii 3-01-2017 by Linda Ianniello

The taxonomy of the families of Unassigned Cladobranchia proposed by Bouchet et al.(2017) and accepted at WoRMS is:

  • Superfamily Unassigned Cladobranchia
    • Family Goniaeolididae Odhner, 1907
      • Genus Goniaeolis M. Sars, 1861
    • Family Heroidae Gray, 1857
      • Genus Hero Alder & Hancock, 1855
    • Family Madrellidae Preston, 1911
      • Genus Eliotia Vayssière, 1909
      • Genus Madrella Alder & Hancock, 1864
    • Family Phylliroidae Menke, 1830
      • Genus Cephalopyge Hanel, 1905
      • Genus Phylliroe Péron & Lesueur, 1810
    • Family Pseudovermidae Thiele, 1931
      • Genus Pseudovermis Perejaslavtzeva, 1891
    • Genus Trivettea Bertsch, 2014

Unassigned Cladobranchia reported in the Mediterranean Sea or the Iberian Peninsula:

Madrella aurantiaca by Manuel Ballesteros

Madrella aurantiaca

Phylliroe lichtensteinii 3-01-2017 by Linda Ianello

Phylliroe lichtensteinii


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