Rostanga anthelia

Rostanga anthelia  Perrone, 1991

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Class: Gastropoda  Cuvier, 1797
Subclass: Heterobranchia  J.E. Gray, 1840
Clade: Euthyneura  Spengel, 1881
Clade: Nudipleura  Wägele & Willan, 2000
Order: Nudibranchia  Cuvier, 1817
Suborder: Euctenidiacea  Tardy, 1970
Infraorder: Doridacea  Thiele, 1931
Superfamily: Doridoidea  Rafinesque, 1815
Family: Discodorididae  Bergh, 1891
Genus: Rostanga  Bergh, 1879
Species: Rostanga anthelia  Perrone, 1991





We have not known georeferenced records for the species: Rostanga anthelia.

References for the species: Rostanga anthelia

    We have not yet published references for Iberian coasts of: Rostanga anthelia.


    Western Mediterranean:
    Eastern Mediterranean:
    Atlantic Ocean:
This chart displays the observation probability for Rostanga anthelia based on our own records.

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