Eubranchus sp.

Eubranchus sp. by Gilles Cavignaux by Gilles Cavignaux

Translucent whitish or yellowish body, sometimes with white scores all over the body, foot and cerata. Cerata of the color of the body, with the progressively whitish ends, quite inflated near the base, with a tappered tip, the largest in central position and arranged in groups. Inner digestive gland coloured gray or more or less dark brown, visible by transparency. Smooth, relatively long rhinophores of the body color with progressively whitish ends. Smooth oral tentacles, also of the color of the body, much shorter than the rhinophores. Slightly visible eyes at the base of the rhinophores. White translucent foot, quite wide, with whitish edges, without propodial palps, finished in a tappered tail.

It feeds on hydrarians of the Nemertesia, Obelia and Tubularia genera. Traditionally confused with the Atlantic species Eubranchus tricolor, it has obvious morphological differences, but it has not yet been described and little is known about its biology.

Basically Mediterranean, with reports from Spain, France and Italy, also from the Adriatic. In the Iberian Peninsula it has only been reported in Catalonia, in the rocky bars off Mataró (Barcelona).

Similar species
Eubranchus tricolor. Of strictly Atlantic distribution. Physically very similar, with the tips of the cerata yellow with a white apex. Digestive gland inside usually black.

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