Runcina ferruginea

Runcina ferruginea (Kress, 1977)

Runcina ferruginea by Enric Madrenas by Enric Madrenas

Class: Gastropoda  Cuvier, 1797
Subclass: Heterobranchia  J.E. Gray, 1840
Clade: Euthyneura  Spengel, 1881
Clade: Euopisthobranchia  Jörger et al., 2010
Clade:  Runcinacea  Burn, 1963
Superfamily: Runcinoidea  H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854
Family: Runcinidae  J.E. Gray, 1857
Genus: Runcina  Forbes Hanley, 1851
Species: Runcina ferruginea  Kress, 1977


  • Runcina zavodniki Thompson T., 1980

This is a species whose specimens rarely exceed 4 mm. The body is narrow and elongated, limaciforme, with homogeneous reddish-brown coloration that honors the specific name. The center of the back can be somewhat darker due to the viscera. In some specimens the color can be blackish or orange, so it can be confused with small turbellarians (triclades). None of the specimens shows dark or light spots. The head region has light side lobes. The eyes are located near the front of the cephalic area. The foot is colored slightly lighter than the body, with long rounded tail. Beneath the rear of the notum there are 3 small semitransparent unipinnate gills.

No details are known of its biology. Like other species of Runcina it is believed to have herbivore eating habits.


  • Runcina. From Latin “runcina”, carpenter’s plane.
  • Ferruginea. From Latin, feminine singular of “ferrūgineus”, meaning “rust colored”.

The specific name clearly identifies the reddish coloration of this species. It has Atlantic and Mediterranean distribution. In the Iberian Peninsula it is known from the Cantabrian coast, Galicia, coast of Portugal, Gibraltar Strait, and south eastern coast. In Catalonia it is cited based on a single specimen collected in Es Caials (north Costa Brava).

Known georeferenced records of the species: Runcina ferruginea
: GROC 2010-2011
: Enric Madrenas
: João Pedro Silva
: Bernard Picton
: Manuel Ballesteros.
: M@re Nostrum
: Altres fonts
: Marine Regions

References for the species: Runcina ferruginea

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    Sources: Cervera et al., 2004, Ballesteros, 2007 & 2016, McDonald, 2006 and other sources.


    Western Mediterranean:
    Eastern Mediterranean:
    Atlantic Ocean:
This chart displays the observation probability for Runcina ferruginea based on our own records.

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