Elysia subornata

Elysia subornata A.E. Verrill, 1901

Elysia subornata @ Key Largo, Florida (USA) by Manuel Malaquias

Class: Gastropoda  Cuvier, 1797
Subclass: Heterobranchia  J.E. Gray, 1840
Clade: Euthyneura  Spengel, 1881
Clade: Panpulmonata  Jörger et al., 2010
Clade: Sacoglossa  von Ihering, 1876
Subclade: Plakobranchacea  Jensen, 1996
Superfamily: Plakobranchoidea  J.E. Gray, 1840
Family: Plakobranchidae  J.E. Gray, 1840
Genus: Elysia  Risso, 1818
Species: Elysia subornata  A.E. Verrill, 1901


  • Elysia cauze Er. Marcus, 1957




  • Elysia. It is a name of Latin origin, derived from the word Elysium, which in mythology is the home of the blessed, known as the “Elysian fields”. The name Elysia also means “God’s oath” in Hebrew. Frieder Sauer comments that Elysia means heavenly.
  • Subornata. From Latin “sub”, under, until, before, up to, about, up to, up under, close to (of motion) + “Ornata”, from “ornatus”, means distinguished, honored, well equipped/endowed, richly adorned, ornate.


Known georeferenced records of the species: Elysia subornata
: GROC 2010-2011
: Enric Madrenas
: João Pedro Silva
: Bernard Picton
: Manuel Ballesteros.
: M@re Nostrum
: Altres fonts
: Marine Regions

References for the species: Elysia subornata

    Canarias: Ortea, Moro and Espinosa (1997), Ortea et al. (1998) both as Elysia cause, Ortea et al. (2001, 2003), Moro et al. (2003). Madeira: Ortea, Moro and Espinosa (1997, as Elysia cause).

    Sources: Cervera et al., 2004, Ballesteros, 2007 & 2016, McDonald, 2006 and other sources.


    Western Mediterranean:
    Eastern Mediterranean:
    Atlantic Ocean:
This chart displays the observation probability for Elysia subornata based on our own records.

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