It is an irrefutable fact that divers are increasingly interested on opisthobranchs. Until recently these animals were of exclusive interest of biologists.

Continuously appear new sites like the present one, providing information about the work of skilled professionals, suggesting the growing interest that opisthobranchs arise. These websites are added to the pioneers in this field and we all recognize their great contribution, we’re talking of Nudibranchs of the British Isles, Sea Slug Forum and Medslugs, among others.

It is normal, as the observer and curious diver can be aware of everything around him while diving in the sea, to become excited about these animals of curious shapes and fun colors. There is a increasing number of people worldwide, we could almost speak of a movement, searching, photographing and becoming interested in opisthobranchs. The continued expansion of underwater photography, thanks to the increasing affordability of equipment, eases the process of capturing stunning images that allow us to enjoy our hobby.

Àlex LorenteLast but not least, we want to make a special mention to one of those very special people who loved opisthobranchs and always facilitated the research to any person who requested. His name was Alex Lorente and sadly passed away on August 6, 2012. Dear friend, you’ll always be with us.