VIMAR – Objectives

Our main job is collecting biological data in the underwater environment. For this purpose we perform dozens of dives every year focused exclusively on finding and identifying the species that we set as objective, in their habitats.

The aim is to be able to draw scientific conclusions about the geographical, bathymetric and temporal distributions, habitats, etc. besides compiling an extensive archive of photographs taken in the marine environment.

Although VIMAR is working with all animal groups, currently we are conducting an opisthobranch molluscs survey on the Catalan coast. Collected data are added to the BIOCAT, Biodiversity Data Bank of Catalonia, and used in many research projects.

This video shows one of our sampling dives:

Vídeo of the opisthobranch sampling dive at Tascó Gros (Illes Medes, Girona, Spain), October 2013