Bulloidea form a superfamily of small and medium-sized nudibranches within the order Cephalaspidea.

The current taxonomy according to Bouchet et al. (2017) and accepted by WoRMS is:

  • Superfamily Bulloidea Gray, 1827
    • Family Bullidae Gray, 1827
      • Genus Bulla Linnaeus, 1758
      • Genus Hamineobulla Habe, 1950
    • Family Retusidae Thiele, 1925
      • Genus Pyrunculus Pilsbry, 1895
      • Genus Relichna Rudman, 1971
      • Genus Retusa T. Brown, 1827
      • Genus Sulcoretusa J. Q. Burch, 1945
    • Family Rhizoridae Dell, 1952
      • Genus Rhizorus Montfort, 1810
      • Genus Volvulella Newton, 1891
    • Family Tornatinidae P. Fischer, 1883
      • Genus Acteocina Gray, 1847

Species of Bulloidea reported in the Mediterranean or around the Iberian Peninsula:

Acteocina mucronata (Philippi,1849) @ Dubai (UAE) by Joop Trausel and Frans Slieker

Acteocina mucronata

Acteocina (Tornatina) crithodes by Melvill J. C. & Standen R. (1901)

Acteocina crithodes

Bulla arabica by Baki Yokes @ 20081108 Kas, Turquia 15m on Cymodocea nodosoa+Halophila stipulacea, night dive, size 48.5mm

Bulla arabica

Bulla striata @ Taranto, Italy 19-06-2016 by Enrico Ricchitelli

Bulla striata

Pyrunculus fourierii (Audouin,1826) @ Mersin, Turkey by Joop Trausel and Frans Slieker (Natural History Museum Rotterdam)

Pyrunculus fourierii

Pyrunculus hoernesi @ Croatia by Pero Ugarkovic

Pyrunculus hoernesi

Pyrunculus ovatus @ Artsdatabanken - Cephalaspids of Norway - by Lena Tina Ohnheiser

Pyrunculus ovatus

Retusa crossei (Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus, 1886) 2mm from Malta in 35 m.

Retusa crossei

Retusa desgenettii @ Dahab, Egypt by Joop Trausel and Frans Slieker

Retusa desgenettii

Retusa laevisculpta @ Split, Croatia june 2021 by Pero Ugarković

Retusa laevisculpta

Retusa leptoeneilema @ Vranjic, Croatia 3-12-2016 by Jakov Prkić

Retusa leptoeneilema

Retusa mammillata @ Cariño (Ría de Ferrol) 10.02.2004 by Victoriano Urgorri

Retusa mammillata

Retusa minutissima @ Croatia by Pero Ugarković

Retusa minutissima

Retusa obtusa @ Artsdatabanken - Cephalaspids of Norway - by Lena Tina Ohnheiser

Retusa obtusa

Retusa truncatula @ Croatia by Pero Ugarković

Retusa truncatula

Retusa umbilicata @ Artsdatabanken - Cephalaspids of Norway - by Manuel Malaquias

Retusa umbilicata

Volvulella acuminata @ Artsdatabanken - Cephalaspids of Norway - by Lena Tina Ohnheiser

Volvulella acuminata

Volvulella ovulina @ Japan by Tadashige Habe

Volvulella ovulina


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    Bibliography based on the works by Steve Long, 2006. Bibliography of Opisthobranchia 1554-2000 and Gary McDonald, 2009. Bibliographia Nudibranchia, with later updates from other resources.