Els nudibranquis del mar català

by Manuel Ballesteros, Miquel Pontes and Enric Madrenas


This interesting book on the nudibranchs of the coasts of Catalonia also serves us to know the most common nudibranch species in the Spanish Mediterranean coasts.

This work, published in pocket format as a field guide, is intended as a useful tool for diving or marine biology enthusiasts.

There is an extensive introduction that explains details and anatomical and ecological curiosities of these interesting animals that have exchanged their shell for sophisticated chemical defenses.

The book consists of more than 150 species’ pages, illustrated with high-quality photos. Many indications are given – with updated data – to determine and find the nudibranchs of catalan waters, product of many years of dives and thousands of photographs shot, so it is a very useful tool for the identification of the species.


Title: Els nudibranquis del mar català
Authors: Manuel Ballesteros, Miquel Pontes i Enric Madrenas
Language: Català
Pages: 192
Editor: Brau (Figueres)
ISBN: 9788415885924


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