Recent publications in OPK

Interesting papers:

    Ballesteros, M. 2007. Lista actualizada de los opistobranquios (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia) de las costas catalanas. Spira. 2: 163–188.
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    Furfaro, G., D. Salvi, E. Mancini, and P. Mariottini. 2018. A multilocus view on Mediterranean aeolid nudibranchs (Mollusca): Systematics and cryptic diversity of Flabellinidae and Piseinotecidae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 118: 13–22.
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    Korshunova, T. A., A. V. Martynov, T. Bakken, J. Evertsen, K. Fletcher, I. W. Mundiata, H. Saito, K. Lundin, M. Schrödl, and B. Picton. 2017. Polyphyly of the traditional family Flabellinidae affects a major group of Nudibranchia: aeolidacean taxonomic reassessment with descriptions of several new families, genera, and species (Mollusca, Gastropoda). ZooKeys 717: 1-139.
    Willan, R. C., and Y.-W. Chang. 2017. Description of three new species of Tambja (Gastropoda, Nudibranchia, Polyceridae) from the western Pacific Ocean reveals morphological characters with taxonomic and phylogenetic significance for traditional Polyceridae and related “phaneorobranch” nudibranchs. Basteria. 81(1-3): 1-23.
    Zamora-Silva, A., and M. A. E. Malaquias. 2017. Molecular phylogeny of the Aglajidae head-shield sea slugs (Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea): new evolutionary lineages revealed and proposal of a new classification. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2017, XX, 1–51.

Other news

  • 1/03/2018 We get ready for the discontinuation of Google Search for Websites, which is due in April 2018. We reactivate the local search function.
  • 27/02/2018 We get ready for the activation of the European data protection law GDPR in May 2018. Added an acceptance check box in forms and a Personal Data Request form.
  • 3/02/2018 Added over 50 nudibranch videos to the corresponding species records, thanks to Luís Sánchez Tocino, of the Granada University.
  • 14/01/2018 Added the opisthobranchs sighting records of VIMAR research group for 2017, totalling well over 160.000.
  • 24/11/2017 change of ISP from to, with a performance increase of 300%
  • 17/11/2017  Changed the site theme to a responsive one, compatible with mobile devices.
  • 5/05/2016 Added links to all species to the Visual ID records at Skaphandrus
  • 28/04/2016 Added links and references to species from Netherlands and Denmark
  • 2/04/2016 Added relative abundance charts for every species.
  • 6/03/2016 Added links to the NCBI GenBank database for every species.
  • 3/03/2016 Image stretching problem in some web browsers (Chrome on iPad and others) solved.
  • 1/03/2016 Published 75000 new geolocalised opisthobranch references in our maps, from the network.