Manuel Ballesteros

Manuel Ballesteros
Manuel Ballesteros

Graduated in Biological Sciences by the University of Barcelona in 1975, obtained his Doctorate in 1980 at the same university.

Since 1984 he is Professor of Zoology at the Faculty of Biology of Barcelona, where he teaches courses in Zoology General of 1st, Invertebrates 3rd, Applied Zoology 4th and doctorate courses related to biodiversity of marine invertebrates and management of terrestrial and marine invertebrates.

Specialist in the study of opisthobranch molluscs since 1975, he has published more than 50 scientific and divulgative articles about them.

He has participated in numerous research projects and sampling campaigns in Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic, Caribbean and Antarctica.

He has given numerous lectures and courses on opisthobranch molluscs, invertebrates of Antarctica, Mediterranean invertebrates and mollusks in general.

Diver since 1976, he’s a founding partner of the Club d’Immersió Biology (CIB), has made more than 1,300 dives in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific oceans, and Antarctica; he’s an expert in underwater photography, underwater video and the use of underwater robot (ROV).

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