Nudibranchi del Mediterraneo

by Egidio Trainito and Mauro Doneddu

Nudibranchi del MediterraneoThis book becomes the “de facto” bible about the Mediterranean nudibranchs. The authors, Egidio Trainito and Mauro Doneddu, have surpassed themselves on this occasion. This work contains all species of opisthobranch molluscs observed to date in the Mediterranean Sea, with interesting descriptions and lots of great colour pictures.

This book, written in Italian, consists of an introduction to the opisthobranchs and its classification. The systematics have been updated from the first edition of 2005, so some species names have changed. Then comes a descriptive part with the records of 363 species, profusely illustrated with 650 excellent original photos made by the best underwater photographers in the Mediterranean.

Trainito and Doneddu demostrate, once again, that the discovery of new species is still possible, even in a sea so heavily studied as the Mediterranean Sea. In this book a new species associated with the habitat of the red coral (Corallium rubrum) is described, the Tritonia coralliumrubri.

If the first edition of 2005 was complete, this second edition is almost unbeatable. An ideal reference work for all nature-lovers, divers and marine biologysts; absolutely essential in your library.

Title: Nudibranchi del Mediterraneo
Authors: Egidio Trainito and Mauro Doneddu
Editor: Editrice Il Castello
Pages: 192 pages with 650 pictures. 363 described species.
ISBN: 9788865204801
Facebook: Nudibranchi del Mediterraneo: 2ª edizione