Des Limaces de Rêve

by Sandrine Bielecki, Gilles Cavignaux, Jean Michel Crouzet i Sylvie Grall.

Des limaces de Rêve (portada)

Des Limaces de Rêve” is an species identification book dedicated to the opisthobranch molluscs (known as “sea slugs”) of the Mediterranean Sea. These animals belong to the family of gastropods, and their different and striking shapes and colors have always attracted the attention of all marine environment lovers.

This book is written in French by Sandrine Bielecki, and it has been released in medium format (17 x 24 cm). It has an introduction to molluscs, their taxonomy and a detailed explanation of the anatomy and biology. The different taxonomic groups are reviewed and the most relevant species are listed. At the end it includes an small chapter devoted to flatworms, some of which can be visually confused with opisthobranchs, although they are not related in any way.

The book places great emphasis on photography, so it has lots of interesting photos mostly taken in the marine environment by Gilles Cavignaux, Jean Michel Crouzet, Sylvie Grall and several more collaborators. Pictures are printed over a black background, improving the reader’s perception of details. When required, certain species’ notable anatomical aspects are highlighted, to distinguish among similar or related species.

This book is very interesting because it contains many species that are so well camouflaged that are very hard to find in the Nature, while other species coming from the Red Sea (known as “lessepsian species”), are still unusual in the Mare Nostrum.

Title: Des Limaces de Rêve
Authors: Sandrine Bielecki, Gilles Cavignaux, Jean Michel Crouzet & Sylvie Grall
Pages: 250 pages with 650 pictures. 171 described species.
ISBN: 9782746626980