Enric Madrenas

Enric Madrenas

Enric Madrenas

With a technical background as Industrial Master he has worked as a professional photographer in the past, and currently works as a professor of photography, a task that he has been developing over the last 20 years, having taught several disciplines of land photography. Diver since 1992, he has been practicing underwater photography from the beginning.

He has participated in various seminars and courses of underwater photography. He has also collaborated in the production of an App about Mediterranean opisthobranchs (Nudibranch ID Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea) and has participated in two documentaries of the TV program Thalassa of Canal 33 (Catalonia Television).

Qualified sports diver (3 *** CMAS), he’s also certified for Nitrox and Trimix technical diving. He has logged over 2,500 dives in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Apart from opisthobranchs, he is very interested in shipwrecks black and white photography.

  • Founding partner of GROC (Opisthobranch Research Group of Catalonia).
  • Founding Partner of VIMAR (Marine Life).

Research Papers

    Ballesteros M, Madrenas E, Pontes M. 2016. First record of the gastropod Philinopsis wildpretii (Ortea, Bacallado and Moro, 2003) (Cephalaspidea, Aglajidae) in the Iberian Peninsula. Marine Biodiversity · September 2016. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12526-016-0562-6.
    Ballesteros M, Pontes M, Madrenas E. 2015. Opisthobranch from Medes Islands (Marine Protected Area, Costa Brava, Catalonia, NE Spain): 40 years of study. Available from https://www.facebook.com/people/5th-International-Workshop-on-Opisthobranchs/100072425991990/.
    Ballesteros M, Madrenas E, Pontes M. 2016. Actualización del catálogo de los moluscos opistobranquios (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) de las costas catalanas. Spira. 6:1–28.
    Ballesteros M, Pontes M, Madrenas E. 2019. Els nudibranquis del mar català. Figueres: Brau Edicions. 192 p.
    Ballesteros M, Madrenas E, Pontes M. 2024. OPK - Opistobranquis. Available from https://opistobranquis.info/.
    Malaquias MAE, Madrenas E, Ballesteros M. 2016. First occurrence of the tropical Indo-West Pacific head-shield sea slug Chelidonura fulvipunctata in the Balearic Islands confirms its range extension into the western Mediterranean Sea [in]  (Karachle et al., 2016 - New Mediterranean Biodiversity Records [March 2016]). Mediterranean Marine Science, 17/1, 2016, 230-252.

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