Tritonioidea is a superfamily of aeolidacean nudibranchs.

Tritonia striata by Miquel Pontes

The actual classification of the Tritonioidea proposed by Bouchet et al.(2017) and accepted at WoRMS is:

  • Superfamily Tritonioidea Lamarck, 1809
    • Family Tritoniidae Lamarck, 1809
      • Genus Marianina Pruvot-Fol, 1931
      • Genus Marionia Vayssière, 1877
      • Genus Marioniopsis Odhner, 1934
      • Genus Paratritonia Baba, 1949
      • Genus Tochuina Odhner, 1963
      • Genus Tritonia Cuvier, 1798
      • Genus Tritonidoxa Bergh, 1907
      • Genus Tritoniella Eliot, 1907
      • Genus Tritoniopsis Eliot, 1905

The Tritonioidea of the Mediterranean and around the Iberian Peninsula are:

Marionia blainvillea @ Port de la Selva 26/10/2013 by Miquel Pontes

Marionia blainvillea

Marionia gemmii @ Ria de Arousa, Galicia, Spain by Jacinto Pérez Dieste (GEMM)

Marionia gemmii

Tritonia coralliumrubri by Egidio Trainito

Tritonia coralliumrubri

Tritonia hombergii 85mm @ West Hurker, St. Abbs Head, Scotland, 4-08-2007 13m by Jim Anderson

Tritonia hombergii

Tritonia lineata by Enric Madrenas

Tritonia lineata

Tritonia manicata by Enric Madrenas

Tritonia manicata

Tritonia nilsodhneri per Enric Madrenas

Tritonia nilsodhneri

Tritonia plebeia - Photograph ©Bernard Picton

Tritonia plebeia

Tritonia striata by Enric Madrenas

Tritonia striata

Tritoniopsis cincta @ Argentario, Italy 25-05-2012 by Riccardo Delle Fratte

Tritoniopsis cincta


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    Bibliography based on the works by Steve Long, 2006. Bibliography of Opisthobranchia 1554-2000 and Gary McDonald, 2009. Bibliographia Nudibranchia, with later updates from other resources.