The infraorder Bathydoridoidei is a group of nudibranchs that, together with the members of the Doridoidei infraorder, formed the traditional taxon Doridacea, from which they have separated because of the presence of strong lateral chitinous jaws in the buccal bulb.

Bathydoris aioca
(Font: 2012 Gulf of California Expedition)


The taxonomy of Bathydoridoidei proposed by Bouchet et al. (2017) and accepted at WoRMS is as follows:

  • Infraorder Bathydoridoidei
    • Superfamily Bathydoridoidea Bergh, 1891
      • Family Bathydorididae Bergh, 1891
        • Genus Bathydoris Bergh, 1884
        • Genus Doriodoxa Bergh, 1899
        • Genus Prodoris Baranetz & Minichev, 1995

None of these genus have any recorded species in Mediterranean or Iberian waters.


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